Helen O'Connell



12"height (30cm) x 16"diameter (40cm) Kilkenny Limestone

Each sculpture is one of a kind made within a Limited Series of 10


"Anemone" is the name given to this remarkable sculpture from the Origami Works Series by Irish artist Helen O'Connell. Composed of Irish Kilkenny limestone, it shows the mastery of her chisel in the form of geometric decorative motifs using a sharp interplay of shadow and light with parallel fluting, textural variations and mark making. Evoking the asymmetry of "erratic geometry" it sometimes leads to more playful interpretations of geometry. These sculptures are part of a limited edition series of 10.

Helen O’Connell is an award-winning Irish sculptor with studios in Dublin and neighbouring County Wicklow, Ireland. Much of her work is in Irish Kilkenny limestone, a beautifully versatile material composed of marine life compressed over thousands of years, when the island of Ireland was still attached to mainland Europe. A native Dubliner, she graduated from Trinity College Dublin before surrendering to a fascination with sculpture. Determined to learn the ancient craft of stone carving, she spent several years studying in Ireland before attending the world famous Nicoli studios in Carrara, Italy where she immersed herself in the skills and expertise of generations of artisans. An increasing love of marble subsequently led her to the quarries of Alentejo in Portugal where the indigenous stone is renowned for its unique veining, coloration and particularities and these incredible pieces of layered history are carefully hand picked for specific works.

Much of O’Connell’s recent work explores the pure yet ceremonial qualities of the vessel and the unadorned magnificence of Kilkenny limestone is implicit in the light yet unyielding permanence of these forms. The artist is compelled by the energy this timeless material holds and the inspiration of sculptors such as Isamu Noguichi can be perceived in these minimal forms.