The OM Series I



Four Colourways available. Shown here in Burgundy.

Small 8' x 8', Medium 10' x 10' & Large 12'x 12' Custom Sizes available upon request

Lead time of 8 - 10 weeks

As featured in the Washington Post, Globe Gazette, SFGate & Associated Press


Composed of either our rich brown eco-wool fiber of rare Irish Zwartbles fleece or from our heritage Irish wool, The OM series derives from a 1600 year old alphabet Ogham, used mainly to write the early Irish language. Known for monumental inscriptions on standing stones, its history dates back to at least the third or fourth century A.D, placing it in use long before the arrival of Latin to Ireland. Also called the tree alphabet, some believe it was created by druids and scholars as a secret form of communication. These mysterious letters of Ogham were paired with ancient Irish tree and plant species, many of which were considered sacred but have all but disappeared from Ireland’s landscape today.