Rhyme is a multi-disciplinary interiors, design business consultancy and manufacturer based in New York City. In 2018 the company debuted a collection of sculpturally graphic rug designs celebrating Irish wool that serve as functional floor art or wall mounted tapestry. Inspired by Insula Art, a 7th century artistic movement that emerged during early Irish monasticism, "The Insula Series" is a minimalist interpretation of swirling motifs and spiral forms typical of this period of creativity. Meticulously tufted by hand in rural Ireland, the new collection Trinity is a study of organic triangular forms and colors. A third and fourth design series will debut in early 2020.

Rhyme founder Claire McGovern has designed residences, office and restaurant interiors, curated site specific art and design installations and collaborated with a variety of cutting edge international designers and artists. She played a pivotal role in the development of design manufacturers such as Roll and Hill and RUX Studios featuring notable brands like Stickbulb and Gradual. In 2018 McGovern introduced her first design collection made by hand in rural Ireland. Beginning with a series of rug designs, the collection will ultimately become a multi-media array of furnishings dedicated only to the highest quality and sustainable craftsmanship.