"Exciting Designs in Breathtaking Colours"
Dr. Jennifer Goff, Curator of the Eileen Gray Collection & Furniture, National Museum of Ireland.

Composed of the finest traditionally spun pure Irish wool and silk, tufted and naturally dyed by hand in Ireland, the Rhyme Studio Collection is a celebration of classical to contemporary art, sculptural form and a testament to the quality of Irish craftsmanship. The company offers a rapidly growing inventory of designs and welcomes all custom requests.

On a mission to breathe authenticity and sustainability into the world of carpet design, Rhyme Studio sources its Irish wool from the spectacular west coast of Ireland. Fleece is sent for processing and spinning to Kerry Woolen Mills, one of the last surviving traditional woolen mills in Ireland founded in the seventeenth century. From there it journeys on to historic Cushendale Woolen Mills where it is dyed by hand using only natural, non toxic dyes and spun onto the skein. Finally it is delivered to our rural Irish studio to be tufted meticulously into design by the hand of our master craftsman.

The OM Series is inspired by a 1600 year old alphabet called Ogham and features the wonderfully rich and naturally deep brown (undyed) wool of the Irish black sheep Zwartbles. Known for monumental inscriptions on standing stones, Ogham was in use long before the arrival of Latin to Ireland. Also called the tree alphabet, some believe it was created by druids and scholars as a secret form of communication and its mysterious letters came to represent ancient Irish tree and plant species.

Other collections include the debut Limited Edition Insula Series inspired by 7th Century Irish Insular art and illuminated manuscripts. Often referred to as the age of saints and scholars, this era was considered a golden age for the arts in Ireland. The Trinity Series is an avant garde study of triangular forms and rich colours. Considered one of the strongest forms known to nature and one of the most perfect, the triangle is a powerful and multi-layered symbol. A fourth design series entitled Modernity will debut in early 2021. Visit our COLLECTION page for more details or email us at for pricing, specifications and availability.

Irish wool is an enduring natural fiber that is carbon friendly and renewable. No animal must die for its production and the wools that Rhyme Studio uses in its design collections are high quality, soft yarns typically sourced from sheep native to Galway. During our years of research for sustainable and authentic materials with which to create a design collection, not only did we discover that Irish wool has been disregarded by contemporary rug makers but that it is a hardy and durable yarn perfectly suited to carpet and tapestry production.

The international market for Irish wool collapsed in 2020. Long before the advent of a human health crisis, sale prices had plummeted, but last year Irish farmers found they could barely justify the cost of annual shearing season. An environmental tragedy unfolded as some sheep farmers dumped or burned freshly shorn wool. Ireland has over 3.5 million sheep and what used to be one of the largest wool yields in Europe. Yet over the last half century, mass production of petrochemical based synthetic fibers have transformed the market. Within the European Union alone, there continues to be considerable wool waste and a failure to recognize and prioritize the renewable and biodegradable qualities of this age old natural product.

At Rhyme Studio it is our objective to reach a model of circular design manufacturing and to ultimately put nothing out into the world that does not also give back in equal measure. By using Irish wool, we seek to reverse the disturbing decline of the wool market, the associated waste and highlight the environmental crisis facing the industry. Carbon friendly, renewable & biodegradable wool fiber, not synthetic fiber, is Nature’s way and has a multitude of uses including Rhyme Studio customizable surfacing offering noise and allergen reduction, comfort and warmth.

Irish wool is dense, durable, renewable and highly water resistant with exceptional value for carpeting and fabrics. Rhyme Studio designs illustrate that this precious resource can be a luxurious, high quality and timeless heirloom underfoot. Respect for natural fibers along with the revival of a sustainable world market for wool must be our future.

Irish wool is beautiful.
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